Radiolab is one of WNYC’s most successful exports. It has a listener base around the world, several offshoot shows and has elevated its main contributors to star status.

It also tells really solid stories in a very distinctive style.

Despite the name, and original stated intention of providing a platform for stories on “science, philosophy and ethics”, it has expanded beyond this to becoming one of the most-loved long-form journalism shows out there — but it’s built that off the back of bringing a scientific curiosity to non-science content.

There are loads of great sound design and story-structure devices they…

When we think of Britpop we often go straight to the highlights: Wonderwall, Girls and Boys or Common People.

We think of the rivalries, we think of the apparent Britishness, we often think guitars and indie-rock. But all of this is missing the central feature that made Britpop so powerful — the storytelling.

The music was massive, but it’s the storytelling that created a cultural phenomenon.

Britpop told its fans who they were, who they should dream to be and what they should value. …

If you’re used to writing for readers, not listeners, there are a few things worth thinking about.

The printed and spoken word need slightly different skills to get the most from them. The great news is that improving your writing for spoken material will make you a better writer. It helps you to reflect on your work, see what’s necessary and what’s superfluous and will help you to write more engagingly in many circumstances.

These tips stand up whether you’re recording narration for a documentary, delivering a speech or telling a story.

1. Keep it simple

Listeners and readers might be the same people…

This American Life’s storytelling has become ubiquitous in the audio world in the past 25 years.

Its style is now deeply embedded in our expectation of longform audio stories — the soft marimba music, the lackadaisical whimsy, the framing of a story into a larger human truth — all of these things have an important role in conveying a story, emotion and more. Sometimes it makes us lose sight of whether it really was a good story, well told, instead opting for the vague sense of familiarity that it affords. And we really like familiar stories.

Stepping away from the…

It was World Radio Day a few weeks ago and, naturally, because I work in audio lots of people I follow on social media were sharing when their “love affair” with radio started.

It left me feeling a bit strange. My love affair with radio never started. I don’t love radio, in fact, I don’t even like a lot of it at all.

I’m not saying for a minute that I hate radio, or that you should. I know loads of people really do love it, but I’ve just never understood why.

I listen, usually over breakfast, sometimes in the…

From today we’ll start to see the major flaws in the government’s furlough scheme. A good idea in principle, but scuppered by the complex employment situations of millions of people. Here I use myself as a minor, but hopefully interesting, case-study.

Firstly, I should say that I’m in a fortunate position. I have savings (for a future house), I still have some freelance work and my partner is able to work from home. I’m lucky that I’m not going to be destitute in any of these scenarios, but people in similar situations could be, and in my view this is driven more by ideology in government than personal circumstance.

Like many people, I work in a few different ways. In the past 3 years I’ve worked as a supply teacher, a permanent teacher, resource creator and freelance journalist. In none of…

Wil Treasure

I specialise in producing audio documentaries, but I write too. Great stories really make me tick, and I like to explore why that is.

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